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Getting Started With Dripify
What's the difference between Dripify and other LinkedIn automation tools like Octopus CRM, Dux-Soup, and Zopto?
What's the difference between Dripify and other LinkedIn automation tools like Octopus CRM, Dux-Soup, and Zopto?

Not sure whether Dripify is a better alternative to other software like Dux-Soup and Meet Alfred?

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Great question! There are several reasons you should switch to Dripify:

  • Complete Automation

Dripify provides the freedom to launch LinkedIn prospecting campaigns in a cloud that runs on a completely automated basis. In other words, you can switch off your laptop and the software will continue generating a constant flow of leads and opportunities for your business in the background.

  • Profound Analytics Capabilities

Tracking the exact results from your prospecting efforts is crucial nowadays. Unfortunately, none of the above-mentioned tools have great analytics capabilities.

With Dripify, you can analyze the performance of your campaigns (including acceptance rate, response rate, and more), observe your detailed account performance, see your recent activity, watch your team stats, and view the activity reports of each team member.

  • Advanced Safety Measures

As you know, Dripify is a completely cloud-based platform, which does not require downloading desktop applications or adding browser extensions, it works independently even if your PC or laptop is switched off. The cloud-based environment makes Dripify much safer in comparison to other non-cloud based solutions.

In addition to that, each Dripify user gets a local, unique high-quality IP address assigned to their account. The location of the IP address is identical to the one you usually use to log into LinkedIn. In other words, all automated actions will be performed from your account location to make these actions look natural to LinkedIn's monitoring system.

Moreover, Dripify does not only make random delays between LinkedIn actions, but it also simulates your entire human behavior due to the additional safety measures we’ve implemented for you. Plus, these safety measures have completely eliminated your need to constantly solve captchas on LinkedIn.

In addition, we perform an extensive number of tests every day to ensure the software is up-to-date and 100% safe for our users.

  • Team Management

Dripify is the only LinkedIn automation platform on the market that grants its users with amazing team management capabilities and allows them to:

- Onboard team members with just a few clicks

- Assign roles

- Access stats and metrics of each team member

- Upgrade or downgrade accounts in bulk

  • Affordable Pricing

Our affordable pricing can’t be beaten! Dripify is available in three different pricing packages and starts from 39 USD / month (if paid annually).

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