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Dripify Inbox Overview
Dripify Inbox Overview

Learn more about the Smart Inbox feature in Dripify and discover its main benefits.

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Statistics show that 70% of the messages users receive on LinkedIn are unwanted. However, with Dripify’s Smart Inbox, these conversations can be filtered so you only see important messages from your leads.

This is perfect for LinkedIn lead generation, as you get feedback from your leads only, and these conversations can be easily accessed in your Dripify control panel. This helps to ensure you respond to LinkedIn sales queries promptly and convert them into paying customers.

Additionally, Dripify has additional features to help maximize the effectiveness of your LinkedIn prospecting. Some examples include leaving notes on users’ profiles, starring the most important messages, and blacklisting unwanted ones.

To find out more about the Smart Inbox, you can watch this short video tutorial.

What’s the Maximum Character Limit in Dripify Messages?

The character limit set in Dripify messages is the same as LinkedIn – a maximum of 2000 characters per message (including spaces, symbols, and emojis).

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