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How to Track the Performance of Dripify Campaigns
How to Track the Performance of Dripify Campaigns

Discover the best way to see the efficiency of your Dripify campaigns

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Dripify allows you to evaluate the performance of your Dripify campaigns with significant metrics. These include viewing your acceptance rate (the percentage of leads that accepted your connection requests), your response rate (the percentage of leads that replied to your messages), and the average number of messages you have to send to finally receive a response

If you notice your numbers for these metrics are low, you can work on adjusting your message copies and the sales funnel itself.

You can also A/B test your campaigns by creating several campaigns and testing different audiences, connection request notes, and message templates to see which one works better.

You can make sure your campaigns are running without interruptions with the loading bar, located on your Dashboard, that shows how many leads have already entered the sequence in your campaign. If this bar is almost full, it means that this campaign will be out of leads soon and you’ll need to add more leads from LinkedIn to keep this campaign up and running.

☛ Watch this quick video to learn more about Dripify analytics.

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