Dripify works perfectly with every type of LinkedIn account, including:

  • Free

  • Sales Navigator

  • Premium

  • Recruiter

Our top priority here at Dripify is to ensure your journey on LinkedIn is effective, which is why the Dripify software continuously observes your LinkedIn actions so that your account doesn’t get flagged for excessive activity by LinkedIn's monitoring system which sets limits on the number of actions (i.e., connection requests, messages, profile views) you can do per day.

If you have a Premium, Sales Navigator, or Recruiter account on LinkedIn, you're allowed to send 80-120 connection requests and message 100-200 LinkedIn users per day. However, if your LinkedIn account is free, these numbers decrease by half.

Therefore, using Dripify with free a LinkedIn account is still possible, however, if you want to dramatically increase your reach, it's recommended to upgrade your account to Sales Navigator.

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