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How Dripify Daily Limits Safeguard Your LinkedIn Account
How Dripify Daily Limits Safeguard Your LinkedIn Account

Discover how Dripify's daily limits ensure safe and gradual growth of Linkedin performance

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The safety of your LinkedIn account is our top priority. That's why we have implemented daily processing limits into our software to ensure your LinkedIn account grows organically and remains safe from LinkedIn’s own security software.

Dripify allows you to set daily limits on various actions, which may vary based on the type of LinkedIn account you have.

Premium/Sales Navigator/Recruiter Lite accounts limits per day:

  • 75 connection requests

  • 75 invites by email

  • 150 messages

  • 25 InMails

  • 400 profile views

  • 100 endorsements


  • 100 follows

Basic/Free LinkedIn accounts limits per day:

  • 75 connection requests

  • 75 invites by email

  • 100 messages

  • 25 InMails

  • 200 profile views

  • 50 endorsements


  • 50 follows

Please note that your 7-day free trial doesn't have any restrictions on daily processing limits and is fully dependent on the type of your LinkedIn account.

Of course, you may want to edit these limits. You can easily increase or decrease your daily limits using the task sliders pictured.

Additionally, the “Range” dropdown allows you to select your preferred activity range from 1 to 10. This provides greater flexibility in processing a varying number of leads each day, effectively simulating 100% manual behavior.

For example, suppose you set your connection requests to 60 and choose range 5. In that case, Dripify will randomly send a number of requests between 55 to 65 every day, ensuring a natural and organic approach to your activities.

While you can monitor your processing limits on your own, we highly recommend enabling the "Activity Control" feature for the best account safety.

This advanced safety feature considers a variety of activity factors, including the number of connections you have, pending sent invitations, the type of LinkedIn account, previous activity, and more, ensuring a secure LinkedIn experience throughout your journey.

The "Activity Control" feature operates on a built-in algorithm that adjusts your daily processing limits, guaranteeing a gradual growth in your LinkedIn performance and overall safe usage.

By adopting this approach, not only will you prevent account suspension, but it will also enable you to maintain a consistent and steady networking progress.

☛ Learn more about "Activity Control" and other safety features here.

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