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Understanding Your Metrics
How to Track Your Team's Results
How to Track Your Team's Results

See how Dripify allows you to measure the efficiency of your team members' performance.

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Dripify provides its users with multiple ways to observe the performance of team members. We’ll provide explanations for each option, below.

From your Dashboard

Here is where you can see a list of your team members (along with their roles) and a quick chart that shows their activity for a specific period of time. By default, you’ll see their stats for the past 7 days, however, you can select a different time range by utilizing the date picker above the chart.

From the "Team" tab

The “Team” tab allows you to view your team members and crucial metrics, like the number of active campaigns each team member currently has, their average acceptance rate, response rate, and how many messages they need to send to receive a response from a lead.

You also have options to manage your team. You can change their role inside your team, see their plan, and upgrade it by yourself, or you can upgrade or downgrade the plans of your team members in bulk.

Also, please note that the percentage of the acceptance and reply rates here shows an average for all campaigns (active, paused, and drafted), so the percentage can be different from what you see when logging into a teammate's profile.

On the team members’ profile

You can view additional performance information for a specific team member by selecting them from the Team tab. Here you’ll be able to see their top campaigns, overall LinkedIn performance, pricing plan and role (which you can change if needed), and additional stats, including the number of connections and pending invitations they have, profile views since last week, weekly search appearances, and profile rating.

☛ Watch this quick video to learn more about the analytics capabilities of Dripify.

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