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How to Send InMails with Dripify
How to Send InMails with Dripify

Discover a quick way to automatically send free InMails to open profile users on LinkedIn.

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Dripify allows you to automatically send free InMail messages to LinkedIn users with open profiles.

Open profile members on LinkedIn are users with premium paid plans that turned on the ability to receive messages from 2nd and 3rd level connections.

Therefore, you are able to message some of your 2nd and 3rd level connections for free without sending connection requests to them. The InMails they receive will look like this:

Looks professional enough, doesn't it? 😉

Here is how it works with Dripify:

1. You create a campaign and add leads from LinkedIn as you usually do.

2. Once you're in the sequence builder, select the InMail action from the drop-down menu.

Note: You don’t have to use InMail as your first step, you can use it somewhere in the middle of the sequence.

3. Once you add the InMail action, your path will be divided into two branches.

4. The left branch will contain actions that will be performed if a lead does not respond to your InMail. We recommend either sending connection requests to such leads or using some attention-grabbing actions like "View profile", "Follow" or "Like a post."

The right branch will contain actions that will be performed once you get a response to your InMail. Here you can set some further follow-ups or use other preferred actions.

The ability to send InMail can boost the results from your lead generation efforts on LinkedIn since the feature allows you to expand your reach by around 30-40% by simply contacting more users on LinkedIn. You might use other tactics like sending InMails to users that ignored your connection requests or shooting InMails to high-potential prospects.

Things to note:

  1. You can’t send a follow-up or a second InMail message to a LinkedIn member until they respond to your initial InMail. Learn more here.

  2. You can use this feature even if you have a free account on LinkedIn.

  3. InMails will be sent to LinkedIn users with open profiles only. If a user does not have an open profile, they will be skipped by Dripify.

  4. Due to safety reasons, you cannot send more than 25 InMails per day.

  5. Dripify won't deduct your InMail credits on LinkedIn for using this feature.

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