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Next Steps After a Lead Replies to Your Message
Next Steps After a Lead Replies to Your Message

Find out what happens after a prospect responds to your message in your Dripify campaign.

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You've built a great campaign in Dripify and now you're wondering what to do once a lead replies to your messages. Will Dripify remove those prospects out of the sequence or continue performing automated actions?

And what if they respond to a connection request? Will they remain in the sequence or leave it as well?

Don’t worry, we’ve got your answers covered!

In Dripify, If a lead responds to your connection request or message, or responds to InMail, all further actions (including follow-ups) will be put on hold so you can promptly check the message from the lead, answer manually through your Inbox in Dripify, and avoid sending awkward automated follow-up messages.

Note: You can resume the sequence for leads that respond with something that may not be relevant to your message, such as, "Happy to be connected," "Yes," "Thank you," or use some emoji, just to name a few examples. Learn more about the "Resume sequence" feature.

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