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How to Personalize Connection Requests
How to Personalize Connection Requests

See how Dripify can make your automated messages highly personalized and look 100% manually typed.

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Dripify allows you to make your connection requests and messages look 100% manually typed and personalized with over 20 variables including “first name,” “last name,” “company,” “position,” “location,” “number of connections,” “top skill,” “company location,” “mutual connection name,” “mutual group,” and more.

It’s important to mention that if at least one of the variables used in your message template is missing on the lead’s profile (e.g., you’ve used the “mutual connection name” variable in your message template, but you don’t have any mutual connection with the lead), you’ll be able to set an alternative message, with a limited number of variables available, that will be sent instead of your main message.

☛ Learn more about these awesome features in this quick video tutorial

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