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How to Safely Use Multiple LinkedIn Accounts with Dripify
How to Safely Use Multiple LinkedIn Accounts with Dripify

Worried about the safety side of managing several LinkedIn accounts? Dripify has you covered!

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We understand how important staying safe on LinkedIn is to our users. This is why we have implemented numerous safety features to ensure LinkedIn’s safety and security.

With Dripify, you don’t need to worry about clearing cookies/cache, or about using separate chrome instances. Each LinkedIn account is connected to its own Dripify account, and every Dripify account receives a unique IP address from the local region of the LinkedIn user.

In addition to that, you can add all your LinkedIn accounts to your main "parent" account on Dripify to watch the stats of each account, control work, and ensure LinkedIn prospecting is done without interruptions - all from your control panel.

☛ Learn more about the team management capabilities of Dripify in this video.

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