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How to Automatically Withdraw Your Connection Requests
How to Automatically Withdraw Your Connection Requests

See how to automatically remove pending (unanswered) connection requests in Dripify.

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Generally, you start your sequence by sending a connection request to your leads. But what happens to those leads that don’t accept your invite?

Answer: they get stuck in the ‘“pending requests” section of the campaign, which can add up to a huge amount if you’re working actively with many campaigns.

Having too many pending requests associated with your LinkedIn account is a bad sign, and LinkedIn may flag your account thinking that you are spamming people you don’t know. So, it’s a good idea to keep your connection requests under control. We highly recommend having less than 1000 pending requests.

Luckily, Dripify has options that you can utilize to keep this number low as you build your sequence for your campaign, which we’ve listed below:

OPTION 1. Choose the corresponding condition when you end your sequence.

Here is how it works:

1. In Dripify, begin by creating your prospecting campaign. Learn how to do this here.

2. Next, select your preferred delay in the left branch of the "Sent an invite" action. For this example, we’ll use "30 days."

3. End the sequence by selecting the Withdraw requests if not accepted yet, condition, as shown below.

4. Once you launch the campaign, the system will automatically withdraw your pending connection requests in 30 days if they're not accepted.

OPTION 2. Add the "Withdraw invite" action

Instead of ending the sequence with the condition mentioned above, you might also want to use the "Withdraw invite" action, which works exactly the same, but will still give you a chance to continue the sequence.

You'll be able to add additional actions like "View profile", "Follow", "Like a post", or wait for 21 days and send the connection request to them once again (which is a great strategy!):

Just note that, as per LinkedIn rules, you won't be able to send a connection request to the same lead again unless it's been more than 21 days after the previous withdrawal.

Tip: Learn more about how to bulk withdraw your pending sent connection requests directly from your dashboard in Dripify in this short article.

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