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How to Send an Invite a Second Time to the Same Lead
How to Send an Invite a Second Time to the Same Lead

Discover how Dripify allows you to connect with a lead who’s previous request has been withdrawn.

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For leads that don’t accept your invite, Dripify allows you to withdraw your invite during your campaign sequence to keep your pending requests number low.

But, what if you want to try to connect with those leads again? 21 days after the withdrawal of the previous request, you can resend connection requests to those leads with Dripify. We’ll show you how it works below.

How does it work?

As you build your campaign sequence, make sure you have the ‘Withdraw an Invite’ action added in the left branch of your sequence, after the action ‘Send Invite’ / ‘Invite by Email’. You can only reconnect with leads if you have chosen to withdraw their invite during the sequence.

After their invite has been withdrawn, you’ll need to wait 21 days after their previous request has been withdrawn to send a connection request one more time.

During this time, you can perform other actions to warm up the sequence, like view their profile, like their posts, follow them, and more. Or, you can set a delay and simply wait. The new action will be performed and your lead will receive a connection request from you again.

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