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How to Sync Email Contacts on LinkedIn
How to Sync Email Contacts on LinkedIn

Learn how to sync your email connections on LinkedIn.

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If your campaign sequence cannot perform the ‘Send invite’ or ‘Invite by email’ actions and you see this banner:

this means that you’ll need to synchronize your email contacts with LinkedIn in order for Dripify to automatically perform these actions.

To sync your contacts on LinkedIn:

  1. Click Sync next to the email source under “Contacts” to sync your contacts.

    Note: If you see that your email has already been synced with LinkedIn, please contact our support team to investigate, at [email protected].

  2. You’ll be redirected to Google for authorization.

  3. Choose the correct email address to which the LinkedIn account is linked to.

  4. You’ll be sent back to LinkedIn and will see a success notification in the bottom right.

6. That’s it! Your actions should now work as expected.

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