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How to Search For a Lead’s Verified Email
How to Search For a Lead’s Verified Email

Learn how to search and find a lead’s verified business email via Dripify

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As an essential sales software, Dripify has a variety of actions that you can use to reach out to leads, though you can unlock many more opportunities by enriching your leads’ data with email addresses.

By obtaining leads’ business email addresses, you can:

  • Expand your reach by sending connection requests by email and saving your regular connection requests

  • Enrich leads’ data with email and export for further marketing and sales purposes

  • Send automated emails (feature coming soon!)

How does it work?

When you add the ‘Find email’ action to your sequence, the system will first search for a lead’s business email address. The rate of success for this feature is dependent on the quality of leads you’re targeting and how well the LinkedIn profile is filled with information, but on average, Dripify can find the lead’s business email 45-55% of the time using this feature.

Once Dripify finds the email, it’ll automatically verify the email address to maximize deliverability results. Then, the leads will split into two categories–those who have email addresses and those who do not.

A great use case here would be to add the ‘Invite by email’ action for the leads whose business emails were found, and use the usual invite action for those without.

This feature is also available in other places in Dripify, including the lead’s profile page and the Leads list:

Lead’s profile page

Here, you’ll see three versions of the lead’s email addresses:

  • LinkedIn email: retrieved from your 1st level LinkedIn connection or scraped from a lead’s LinkedIn profile

  • Business (or corporate) email: found with the ‘Email finder’ feature

  • Manual email: added manually by you

If a lead’s corporate email address is found by the system, it’ll be added here. If they haven’t gone through the email finder function, a Find Email button will be shown instead of their email address. You can click the button to initiate Dripify to look for the lead’s verified email address directly from this page:

Lead’s list

The Find Email button on this page will initiate Dripify to search directly for a lead's business email if they haven't gone through the email finder function.

If the system is unable to find the lead’s verified email address after it performs a search, the status will update to ‘Not found.’ You can allow the system to try again 30 days after the unsuccessful email search by clicking the relaunch icon.

Lastly, you’ll need email credits to perform email searches. You get 100 email credits every month included in your subscription for free. However, if you need more, you can purchase additional email finder credits here.

Not sure what an email credit is? Find more details in this quick article.

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