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When is lead data added to Dripify?
When is lead data added to Dripify?

Discover how and when leads are enriched with data in Dripify

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When leads are added from LinkedIn to your campaigns in Dripify, the software scrapes their LinkedIn profile information, including their name, company, location, and more. However, the time at which this information appears in a lead's profile varies based on where the lead is sourced.

If you upload leads from LinkedIn search (including search in Recruiter and Sales Navigator), Dripify will retrieve the following data as soon as the lead is uploaded and their profile is created in Dripify:

  • Photo

  • First name

  • Last name

  • Position

  • Company

The upload time for all this information can usually take anywhere from a few hours to a few days depending on your LinkedIn account level (how many 1st level connections you have), the number of leads in the uploading queue, and the upload settings that are set.

However, some data requires a bit more time to be pulled from LinkedIn, including the lead’s “headline,” “location,” “number of 1st level connections,” and other data associated with variables. All this data will appear after the first action is performed in the sequence.

So while Dripify is busy retrieving such data, you'll see the following icon on the lead's profile:

And on the lead’s page as well:

If leads are uploaded from a CSV file or from URLs, you’ll notice the page will look pretty empty. But don’t worry, all their data will appear in Dripify after the first action in the sequence is performed for them.

As a result, Dripify is able to speed up the process of actions in the sequence when leads are imported from a CSV file or LinkedIn Search.

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