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How to Send Automated Emails via Dripify
How to Send Automated Emails via Dripify

Discover how to enhance your sequences by using multi-channel communication

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When it comes to reaching your business goals and closing more opportunities with customers, utilizing a combination of channels is key.

Cold email outreach has always been a secret weapon, particularly for B2B marketers, for generating sales and reaching out to a larger number of leads compared to LinkedIn outreach.

According to Sopro, 89% of B2B marketers consider email as their primary channel for lead generation.

So, why not use it in your outreach strategy?

When you combine LinkedIn outreach with email, you could boost your closed deal rates by 50%, unlocking serious lead generation success!

How to start sending emails to your leads with Dripify

To get started sending emails to your leads, you’ll need to:

  • Integrate your email provider with Dripify

  • Make sure you have your leads’ email addresses

  • Create a campaign with the ‘Send Email’ action

Now, let’s take a deeper look into each step:

  1. Integrate your email provider

Dripify will use your mailbox to send emails to leads on your behalf. To link your mailbox to Dripify, head over to your Dripify settings and click on the ‘Log in with Google’ button. You’ll be navigated to a pop-up window to sign in to your Google account. Simply complete the sign-in process, and voilà! You’re all set to start sending automated emails through Dripify with ease. Keep in mind that each Gmail/G Suite email account can only be linked to a single Dripify account.

  1. How to get your leads’ email addresses

The easiest way to find your leads’ email addresses is to add the ‘Find Email’ action to your sequence prior to the ‘Send Email’ action. By doing so, Dripify will try to enrich your leads with emails that will go through the ‘Send Email’ action. Learn more about this feature here.

Additionally, you have the flexibility to find a lead’s email address directly from the lead’s profile page, allowing you to search for the lead's email at any time.

Alternatively, you can enrich your leads’ contact info by manually adding their email address (if you know them, of course) or by using the lead’s personal email address obtained from LinkedIn once they become your 1st-level connection.

  1. Use the ‘Send email’ action in your campaign

When building a sequence, simply select the ‘Send Email’ action from the Action list:

The condition ‘If email available’ will be automatically added to your sequence since a lead is required to have an email address for you to be able to send them an email. For all other leads, you can create another scenario to prevent them from getting lost.

As mentioned earlier, we’re suggesting to use the ‘Find Email’ action before you place the ‘Send Email’ action in your sequence to help enrich your leads’ data with business emails. This way, more of your leads will have corporate email addresses and can go through the ‘Send email’ action. Not to mention, the conversion rate would be higher since most people don’t usually prefer to use their personal emails to conduct business communications.

Inside the ‘Send Email’ action itself, you should specify the subject and body of the email message you’re sending. Just like with other messages, you can use variables to add a personalization touch.

How will the email look for a lead?

The best thing is when a lead receives your email, it’ll look just like one you’d write yourself. It won’t have any fancy marketing designs or look like it came from an outreach service. It’ll be simple and personal, just like any other email they’re used to receiving from a human.

How many emails can you send?

Since Dripify is sending emails on your behalf using your mailbox, we place an importance on keeping your email account safe, which is why we have set the maximum limit to 200 emails per day.

We recommend gradually reaching this quantity. You can adjust the limit of the number of emails you can send per day with limits.

You can set limits manually, increasing a little every day, or you can use the Activity Control feature to allow Dripify to do this for you.

How not to get into spam

Sending emails to many recipients within a short time frame can trigger spam filters, jeopardizing the reach of your message. But fear not! Here at Dripify, we’ve got your back with some essential resources to ensure your emails find their way to the right inboxes.

Check out insightful best practices we’ve outlined in this blog to safeguard your emails from landing in spam. While you’re at it, explore Why You Should Use a Separate Domain for Cold Email Outreach and brush up on your knowledge of the three main email security protocols to see how you can use them to improve your email deliverability. Once you master email outreach, there’s no stopping how far your business can grow!

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