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Templating Campaigns

Find out how to create sequence templates for your future campaigns in Dripify.

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Dripify allows you to create sequence templates for your future campaigns (and even share them with your teammates).

Follow the easy steps below:

1. Once you log into your Dripify account, click Settings in the left navigation menu.

2. Then click the Sequence templates tab.

3. Click Add a template to create a new sequence template.

4. Give your sequence template a name, build the sequence, then scroll down and click Save this template.

The template is now added to your saved templates successfully.

To share this template with your teammates, select the “Add to Team Templates” checkbox while creating or editing your sequence template.

You can also create a sequence template while creating a campaign in Dripify. Just click Save as a template, as shown here:

Don't forget to give your template a proper name and add it to Team Templates if needed, similar to the screenshot below:

All your saved templates are now available for you (and your team) while creating a new campaign.

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