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Reasons Why a Lead Collection Can Get Stuck
Reasons Why a Lead Collection Can Get Stuck

Discover the main reasons why the lead transfer can be stuck and stop retrieving profiles from LinkedIn.

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Okay, so you decided to create a campaign in Dripify and followed the video tutorials. You created a list of leads by pasting the link from the LinkedIn search, built a sequence, and launched the campaign.

But now you noticed the lead transfer is paused and it’s not retrieving profiles from LinkedIn.

Here are the main reasons why an issue like this can happen:

  • The LinkedIn search URL you pasted while creating a campaign is invalid.

If you think this is the issue, click the View leads button and click the LinkedIn search URL at the top of the page to open the filtered LinkedIn search. Double-check that everything is all good there. If you cannot see the filtered results in the LinkedIn search, try to create a different list of leads in this campaign.

  • The LinkedIn search URL you pasted while creating a campaign was made under the Sales Navigator/Recruiter contract, which differs from the one that was set in the account level in Dripify. (this applies only to users with Sales Navigator/Recruiter account with multiple LinkedIn contracts)

If you think this is the case, go to your account settings in Dripify to double-check the name of the contract set and make sure it matches the contract you've used to create the LinkedIn search URL for your campaign.

  • You're a LinkedIn user with a Recruiter/Sales Nav account with multiple contracts and you have an active Recruiter session in your browser at the moment.

Unfortunately, LinkedIn does not allow running multiple sessions with Recruiter/Sales Navigator accounts if you have multiple contracts. And since Dripify creates a separate session for you to transfer leads from LinkedIn, you’ll need to log out from all LinkedIn sessions to let Dripify resume the lead transfer in your campaign.

Please don’t hesitate to reach out to our support team via live chat or email to resolve this issue as soon as possible.

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