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Step 1: How to Add Leads to a Campaign
Step 1: How to Add Leads to a Campaign

Find out how you can import leads from LinkedIn to your drip campaign.

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There are two ways you can add leads to your drip campaign in Dripify:

  • Filter your target audience in the LinkedIn Search, copy the URL, and paste it in the required field in Dripify.

You can import users from the search results of LinkedIn Basic, Sales Navigator, or Recruiter, add profiles from the "My Network” page, or even add leads from the LinkedIn groups you’re willing to target.

Then, select how many users you would like to add from your filtered search page.

It’s important to mention that the maximum number of leads you can add from the LinkedIn search on free and Recruiter LinkedIn accounts is 1000. But if you’re using Sales Navigator, you can add up to 2475 profiles to the list.

  • Insert LinkedIn profile URLs of users you would like to add to your campaign or import them in a CSV file.

Note that the CSV file needs to contain the LinkedIn profile URLs, otherwise, Dripify won’t be able to locate these leads on LinkedIn and eventually transfer them to your campaign.

☛ Watch how adding leads to your Dripify campaign works in practice HERE

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