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How to Resume a Sequence for a Lead that Replied to Your Message
How to Resume a Sequence for a Lead that Replied to Your Message

Discover how to put the lead that responded to connection request, message, or InMail back in the sequence and continue further follow-ups

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As you know, Dripify is programmed to pause the automated sequence once a response is detected.

This helps keep your account safe, reduces spam, and avoids awkward conversations with your connections on LinkedIn. 😬

But, what happens if you send a connection request to a lead and get the "Thank you for connecting with me" response back? Would you want to stop sending further follow-ups to this lead?

This wouldn’t be an ideal situation.

Or let's say you send a message to a prospect and receive a thumbs up or a smiley face emoji. You'll probably want to keep this lead in the sequence, right?

We thought of every situation here at Dripify. For these reasons, the “Resume sequence” feature was created.

This feature allows you to unpause the sequence so the Dripify system can continue performing further actions with a specific lead, which can be helpful in situations where you may receive an unclear reply from a lead.

You can use this feature either from the Inbox page in Dripify:

or from the lead's profile page:

Once you click the Resume sequence button, Dripify will continue performing automated actions for your lead.

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