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How to Avoid Adding the Same Leads Within a Team
How to Avoid Adding the Same Leads Within a Team

This article describes the new feature that allows skipping the same leads within the Team.

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If you’re using Dripify in collaboration with your teammates to target the same audience, you can choose to target new leads only by preventing the same leads from being added to multiple campaigns within your team. This prevents leads from receiving duplicate messages while preserving the connection to the same person.

To do this:

1. When creating your campaign, navigate to the Settings tab.

2. Under “Do not add a lead to the campaign if,” make sure the option "Same leads found in campaigns of your team members” is checked

3. Click Save.

Now that this option is enabled, the same leads that are found in your teammates’ campaigns will not be added to yours, so you can focus on targeting new leads only.

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