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Getting Started With Dripify
Three Steps to Start Using Dripify
Three Steps to Start Using Dripify

Not sure how to start using Dripify? Below is a quick guide on how to get started.

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STEP 1: Create Your Account or Sign Up With Google

First, create your personal account with Dripify. Simply go to and you'll land on the following form:

Fill out the form or click the Sign up with Google button to log in to the software with your Google account.

STEP 2: Enter Your LinkedIn Account Credentials

Dripify is a completely automated LinkedIn tool that simulates your manual work and performs automated actions on your behalf using your local IP address. But in order for all this magic to happen, the system requires access to your LinkedIn account.

Please note: This will not give us direct access to your LinkedIn account since this information is fully encrypted by the system.

STEP 3: Complete Your Account and Create Your First Campaign.

Congratulations, you're almost done!

Follow the onboarding instructions and complete your Dripify profile.

Once finished, watch our video tutorials to learn more about the tool and create your first LinkedIn prospecting campaign! Happy prospecting!

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