Once you add leads and launch your campaign, you can keep track of what stage your leads are in with your campaign’s metrics.

This page provides a comprehensive overview of your campaign’s lead data so you can efficiently analyze your data.

The Status Icons located at the top of the page allow you to see how many of your leads are in a specific stage in the sequence.

You can find what each stage means, below:

  • All leads: Total leads that are already uploaded in the sequence

  • In progress: Leads that are currently going through the sequence in the campaign

  • Completed all steps: Leads that completed all steps in the sequence

  • Paused: Leads that replied to your Linkedin message, connection request, or Inmail are now paused in the sequence

  • Failed: Leads that have left the sequence due to a failed attempt to perform an action

  • Blacklisted: Leads that have been manually blacklisted

  • Awaiting: Leads that are waiting in the sequence until the connection request is accepted / InMail replied / message viewed

The campaign progress bar at the top of the page provides an overall impression of the statuses of your campaign. Intuitively, you can see when your campaign starts and what else is needed.

The campaign progress bar consists of the statuses listed above.

The darker green color indicates leads that have ended the sequence. This includes the statuses ‘Completed all steps’ + ‘Failed’ + ‘Blacklisted.’

The lighter green color indicates leads that are on hold from continuing the sequence, meaning they are either paused in the sequence due to the response, or the system is waiting for them to accept the connection request or to reply to InMail. This includes the statuses ‘Paused’ + ‘’Awaiting.’

The darker orange color indicates leads that are currently going through the sequence. This includes the ‘In progress’ status.

The lighter orange color indicates leads that are waiting in the queue to enter the sequence.

The grey color indicates the leads that are still uploading to the campaign.

If your campaign is active, you’ll notice an animation in the last part of the progress bar–this just means leads are still being uploaded from LinkedIn. If your campaign is deactivated you won’t see an animation because leads aren’t currently being uploaded, however you’ll still need to upload leads once you reactivate your campaign.

Once all leads are added to the sequence, this part will disappear.

Lastly, if almost all of your leads have entered the sequence, you’ll see an information icon warning you that you will need to add more leads to the campaign in order to keep it running continuously.

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