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Limited personalized connection request notes for free LinkedIn accounts
Limited personalized connection request notes for free LinkedIn accounts

New personalized note limits for free LinkedIn accounts

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As you may know, it’s possible to add a personalized note to your LinkedIn connection requests.

Recently LinkedIn launched a limit on the number of personalized connection requests users with free accounts can send. If you have a free LinkedIn account, you will find this notification when trying to add a note to your connection request:

This limit is usually set to 10 personalized invites per month. However, accounts with premium plans have no limit.

If you’re not using a premium LinkedIn plan and have a note in the "Send an invite" action in your running Dripify campaigns, you may hit this limit and the sending requests in your campaign will stop.

But it doesn’t stop you from sending connection requests entirely – you can still send regular invites, just without the personalized note.

So, if you see the notification ‘Personalized invites cannot be sent. Delete note or check other recommendations here.’

We recommend you either delete the note in the "Send an invite" action in the current campaign or duplicate the campaign with the same actions, but without a personalized note.

Also, if a connection request note is crucial for you and you would like to continue using it widely in your campaigns, you could consider buying a premium subscription on LinkedIn, which will remove the limit.

As you see there are different ways to address this issue and you can decide which course of action is the most appropriate for your business goals.

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