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Accessing the Lead Collection Report
Accessing the Lead Collection Report

See how you can access the "Lead Collection Report" and view how many leads were actually added to the list, how many were skipped, and why.

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As soon as you create a new campaign in Dripify or add a new list of leads to the existing campaign, the leads will be gradually collected from LinkedIn.

This might take some time (especially if you add leads from a CSV file).

To view the status of a lead collection:

  1. Open the campaign.

  2. Click the Audience tab.

  3. You'll see the percentage of leads that have already been added to your list.

4. You can click View report to see more details.

This quick report will provide some additional information about how many profiles you requested to be added from LinkedIn while creating a list, how many profiles were skipped and why, how many leads have already been collected and added to the list, and the number of profiles that remain to be added to the list.

Once all leads get collected from LinkedIn, you'll see a checkmark in a green circle on your campaign's Audience page.

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